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Nut free Holiday Cookie Monster



I think I’m becoming the cookie monster for the Holiday if there is such a thing. With so many school activities and holiday parties, every time I see our favorite “safe” brands of cookies and cupcakes, I buy them.  I want every child to have a choice and feel included. It’s a big dream. If it is a social event, chances are food will be involved.

There is much debate about non-food events at schools. Regardless of your position, we must all take steps to avoid the risk of severe and even fatal food allergy reactions.

If you follow me on any social media and you can’t tell already – my kids (okay, all of us) love cookies with icing.

red velvet


In the past week, among 3 different stores – including a posh gas station mini mart, I have found multiple flavors and types of nut free cookies. Yes, I said at a gas station. Don’t judge – the Lofthouse Cookies found at this deluxe mart were safe and tasty. We tested a few.

You must understand my madness for cookies. When my daughter was first diagnosed years ago with food allergies, we could never find any safe products in our local stores to buy for ‘parties’ and were fortunate to discover Enjoy Life Foods. Humbly grateful.

enjoy life choc chip

We are thankful for all brands that set the example and manufacturers leading the way to have “allergen-free” production lines. Today, I can find cupcakes and cookies free of tree nuts and peanuts in my neighborhood grocery stores.

Typically we bake our own goodies and now my daughter is becoming a master chef and baker.

Cake pops and cupcakes among daughter’s favorites to bake


We still have much more work to do for all allergens. There are eight common allergens – milk, eggs, soy, nuts, tree nuts, wheat, fish and shellfish; among others include sesame and fruits to name a few.

This holiday season when the spirit moves you, buy a few safe food allergy friendly products for your next event.

May it be cookies, snacks, fruit or whatever your healthy heart desires. It does not matter whether or not you or your child has food allergies. Each of us can do our part to keep each other safe.