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Tia Howard, Founder The Allergy Mamas
Tia Howard, Founder of The Allergy Mamas

I’m Tia Howard, a busy working mom who is using my public relations experience to help increase awareness about food allergies, asthma and eczema.

I was warned when my daughter had  eczema as a baby, there is a chance asthma and food allergies could follow or not at all. She got all three conditions by the time she was two years old. Of these conditions, it is unlikely she will outgrow all of her specific food allergens unless there is a cure.  When my daughter was first diagnosed with food allergies  I became quickly aware and somewhat amazed  about the gap of knowledge and understanding about the severity of any food allergy reaction among friends, family, schools, restaurants, businesses, and the general public.

I  am working to close the gap. Working to support the allergy community about the latest issues and providing communication resources and guidance to all organizations on how to build inclusion at schools, safely serve customers and ways to keep those with food allergies protected in public settings.

I am not a doctor  or a board certified allergist. I recommend any person managing these conditions to always seek medical help first.

I am a mother and a public relations professional  with a passion.

The Allergy Mamas are here to help people with  allergies have a better quality of life and help organizations thrive as it engages and deals with the growing food allergy  community.

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